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"Love Is"

Mark Anthony Love

Artist Statement: My name is MarkAnthony Love. I am a visual artist, who specializes in creating functional and expressionistic pieces that evoke emotion and create a sense of connection via the addition of bluetooth speakers, touch activated lighting, hidden storage, and message boards. My life experiences and my own struggles with love, has led to the work I do now. We all know how important love is. But how many of us actively work towards it? How many of us know that "love is about action?" My work is inspired by my passion for art and the emotions it evokes. My goal is to spread love and positive energy through my art and to create a sense of connection between the viewer and the piece. I invite you to explore my art and discover for yourself how it can help bring out the best in you. As always remember that SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE!!


"The Black Madonna"

Donn Thompson

"I capture images of life to share, learn & inspire. My passion is photography. It makes me understand things better."

2. Black Madonna.jpeg

A Contemporary Folkloric Exhibit

Reginald Rousseau

Artist Statement: My name is Reginald Rousseau aka Big Art, I am a Haitian-born and Harlem-raised Contemporary Folkloric Artist based in New York. Through my aesthetically eclectic paintings, which varies from art series to art series, I am interpreting my notion of cross-cultural identity, spirituality, tradition and belongingness, influences by my African roots, Haitian heritage and experiences growing up in Harlem, NY..I originally studied Studio Arts at the City College of New York, while pursuing an Architectural Design degree. However, my current practice is derives from over a decade of honing my skills and experimenting with different styles and mediums to discover my composite and representational style. As a result, my work then to consists of a variety of elements, methodologies, aesthetics and connotations as well as cultural symbols, mythological references and my personal metaphors.



Khalid Sabree

Khalid Sabree grew up in Harlem to an artistic family. There was always painting, drawing, sketching, singing, and dancing in the house from one of his 6 siblings. Khalid went to Art and Design High School where he majored in illustration. At New York University he studied Fine Art . Khalid calls himself a “Neo POP Impressionist”. Not an illustrator, cartoonist, or graffiti artist. Khalid believes that art is his gift and that he has the unique ability to express it through different mediums.

Social Creatures.jpeg
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