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The Chop Shop Presents:
The Solo Exhibition of Khalid Sabree


On Display Now at The Chop Shop x
The Dominici Collective

In his decade-spanning practice, Khalid Sabree aka KHA-Tees has explored intelligence and spirituality through different materials and mediums. Not Self-taught nor school trained, Khalid began painting to imitate the comic books and cartoons he watched as a child. In his early work, he created abstract graffiti images, highlighting the drawings he saw on walls and ball courts in his Harlem neighborhood. Khalid later experimented with neo-expressionism and assemblage in the vein of Basquiat and Romare Bearden, using found objects like wood crates and sneaker boxes from around the streets of New York. He continues making paintings that later evolve into mixed media ideas. The recipient of many accolades and press write ups, Khalid falls outside the confines of any particular artistic movement or period, but he remains a seminal figure and an important influence to artists such as Chad Livesy and Anika Al-Uqda.

Inquiries Welcomed

The New Harlem Renaissance.jpeg

“The New Harlem Renaissance”

Acrylics, Marker, Oil Stick on Canvas 36in X 48in X 1in

Shu Was A G-d.jpeg

“SHU was a G-d in EGYPTOLOGY”

Acrylics, marker, oil stick on canvas 36 X 48

The Only Christopher.png

“The Only Christopher We acknowledge is Wallace”

Acrylics, Paper, Marker, on Cardboard 20in x 24in




Acrylics, Marker, Oil Stick, Paper, Nike, Adidas and Puma Sneaker boxes on Canvas. 36inx48in

Good question.jpeg

"Good Question"

Acrylics, Paper, Tempera, Marker, on Canvas 16x20in


Social Creatures.jpeg


Acrylics, Oil stick, fabric, Paper, Marker, on Canvas

Breaking News.jpeg


Acrylics, Paper, Marker, Tempera on Wood 16x20in


"Bitcoin Bilal sells NFTs"

Acrylics, Marker, Oil Stick, Paper on Canvas 16x20in


"Ecumenical + Economical"

Mixed Medium: Acrylics, oil stick, marker and paper
on canvas. 20x24in


 "Yung Mike Jack "

Medium:Acrylics, oil paint marker, gold leaf and marker on a NIKE BOX. 20x24 in

black man comics.jpeg


20in x 16in Acrylics, Marker, Oil Stick, Paper on Canvas

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