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The Chop Shop Presents:
"The Black Madonna & The Vagina"
  by Donn Thompson


On Display Now at The Chop Shop x
The Dominici Collective

An Art Gallery Exhibit, The Dominici Collective, sponsored by Miss Jessie’s, presents a stunning collection of sixteen black and white photographs meant to celebrate the strength, essence, beauty and reverence of Black women called "The Black Madonna and The Vagina" shot by award-winning photographer Donn Thompson. 

Donn has been curating this collection for nearly seven years–seven the divine number of completion. He prepares it for viewing in the gallery of The Dominici Collection with pieces ranging from 24×36 to 40×40, all printed on aluminum with certificates of authenticity provided with each purchase. Each piece is limited edition and will only have three copies available for collection. 


Inquiries Welcomed

1- Black Power.jpeg

#1 “ The Black Power Madonna”

Aluminum 24in X 306in


2. Black Madonna.jpeg
4. Brown Madonna Resting.jpeg

#2 “The Black Madonna”

Aluminum 40in X 26.5in


#3 “ The Black Face Madonna”

Aluminum 40in X 30in 


#4 “ Brown Madonna Resting”

Aluminum 24 X 36 


5. Blue Lobby Madonna.jpeg

#5 “ Blue Lobby Madonna”

Aluminum 24 X 36 



#6 “ Black Body Madonna”

Aluminum 40in X 40in 



#5 “Uncle MoMo Piercing Set of Eyes”

Photo By Illyan Sebit Thompson

Aluminum 40 X 26.5


Milk Bath Madonna.jpeg

“Milk Bath Madonna”

Aluminum 26.5in x 40in

Guyana Madonna.jpeg

#8 "Sidewalk Cafe Madonna"

Georgetown, Guyana

Aluminum 24inx36in


The Night.jpeg

#9 "The Nightingale"

Aluminum 40x26.5in


10. Madonna Vagina.jpeg

#10 "The Madonna Vagina"

Aluminum 40x26.5in


11. The Madonna's Back.jpeg

#11 "The Madonna's Back"

Aluminum 40x26.5in


Learn more about Donn Thompson

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