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The Chop Shop Presents:
MarkAnthony McLeod

MarkAnthony McLeod at Dominici Collective_edited.jpg



The artwork I create is an open love letter to myself.


The Doot piece represents opportunities in abundance waiting for me to open them.

The Telephone is a reminder that your loved ones are just one call away.


The Book Lamps are a powerful tool to increase reading and knowledge of self.


My art is all about the importance of self love, self care and moving past mistakes made and recognizing lessons learned. Having daily reminders helps to strengthen my growth and from that I create which makes my work very important.


The words of affirmation are a reminder to look inside for happiness and reassurance.


The interactive aspect allows you to make your own affirmations, via post it note, self-reflection mirror, or playing inspirational music via Bluetooth.


The vibrant colors flood all of my pieces because through color you see light and feel vibrations which then gives off an energy of love in abundance.


One of the most important aspects of my work is the “Flowers” each self reflection piece is seen holding or giving flowers. We must give ourselves and others flowers as a token of appreciation and love while they are here to appreciate them.


My work is revolutionary and exists to free one's mind of self doubt and challenge the mind to create an engaging space of constant love. 



On Display Now at The Chop Shop x
The Dominici Collective

Inquiries Welcomed

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