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Between The Hem In The Cuff

Hemincuff is a New York based vegan leather goods producer that prides themselves in making quality handmade products. The brand’s most notable item is their crossbody bag. Becoming an essential assist in any man’s wardrobe, the crossbody bag offers the ability to store accessories or essential items needed throughout the day. The spacious bag has room for everyday items such as a passport, wallet, card holder, keys and phone while still being compact in form.

Hemincuff promises quality materials with great craftsmanship paired with a minimalist style. Designer and founder of the brand Noel Volez had a goal to provide a luxury product and experience. The brand’s name came from his father always telling him “Noel, you can see the best quality between the hem in the cuff.” Hence the name of the brand coming to life. The luxury, quality and sustainability that Hemincuff brings puts the brand in an untouchable field of its own. The crossbody bag is an essential item in the new era of menswear; affording the carrier easy access to his essentials in style without overstuffing his pockets. Hemincuff embodies minimalistic style that gives the bags a high-end aesthetic with a unique flavor infused in each handcrafted piece.

Why we curated the brand: Made from sustainable materials, handmade, durable, minimalistic design

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Author: Q_B€TH€$T¥LI$TZ

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