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Rei Kawakubo: The Art of In-Between

The 2017 Met Gala and Art Exhibition celebrate the unhinged creativity of legendary designer Rei Kawakubo. Kawakubo’s ability to create within the undefined space of ‘between boundaries’ is highlighted in 9 distinct yet adverse categories: Absence/Presence, Design/Not Design, Fashion/Anti-Fashion, Model/Multiple, Then/Now, High/Low, Self/Other, Object/Subject, and Clothes/Not Clothes.

Below are shots of a few personal favorites . While they all differ in aesthetic, out of the box creativity and dope ass construction remain constant throughout. If you are in the NYC area between May 5th and Sept 4th, I would highly recommend taking a trip to The Met to experience the exhibit. To learn more about Design Deity Rei Kawakubo Click Here.


Clothes/Not Clothes