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Body Oil

Body Oil


Elevate your skincare with Krio's Body Oil. Meticulously crafted with a potent blend of botanical oils including Baobab and Jojoba. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, the formula works synergistically to soften, nourish, and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling supple and radiant. Ideal for those seeking a plant-based solution to nourish and revitalize their skin.



Key Benefits:

  • Deep Nourishment: Baobab and Jojoba Oils provide essential nutrients, leaving the skin deeply nourished and rejuvenated.

  • Soft & Radiant Skin: The powerful blend of botanical oils works to soften the skin and impart a healthy, radiant glow.

  • Natural Ingredients: Crafted with a host of vitamins and essential fatty acids for natural skin revitalization.


How to Use: Apply a few drops to clean, damp skin, massaging gently in circular motions until fully absorbed. Suitable for daily use.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, grape seed oil, baobab oil, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil, pomegranate oil, grapefruit oil, juniper berry oil, bergamot oil, sweet orange oil, tangerine oil, geranium oil

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