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The Collective

The Dominici Collective is a Manhattan based haven for fashion connoisseurs, art lovers and creatives of all disciplines. Inspired by Houdini's quest to share his illusions with the world, the Medici's culture shaping influence and Andy Warhol's multi-disciplinary creative "Factory"; ​The Dominici Collective's goal is simple: share the power of fashion and art with a global community.

As your personal curator, The Dominici Collective has developed a distinct style wrought with paradox.
Showcasing the unique ability to betray rules, logic and limitation, The Collective's prismatic art-house feel encompasses elements of inspiration from Harlem to Hong Kong.

Full-bodied by design, if it makes you feel free, chances are we have found a way to bottle it.

Dominique Banks

Fashion Entrepreneur/Creative


Dominique M. Banks is the founder and CEO of The Dominici Collective, a contemporary & streetwise concept store & art gallery based in New York City. With degrees in Enterprise Management from the University of Tennessee (UT)

and Fashion Business Management from the Fashion Institution of Technology (FIT) Magna Cum Laude, Dominique has accomplished the remarkable task of building a cohesive brand that highlights culturally distinct locations across the globe such as New York, London, Korea, LA,  Paris, and Budapest. As a micro-influencer, Dominique leverages strategic partnerships to increase market reach for brands all over the world. Banks’ work and thought leadership can be seen in WWD, UT's Top 40 under 40 and FIT's HUE Alumni Magazine.

Brand Curation

Fashion is the foundation of The Collective. We have partnered with several international emerging and established brands as a preferred stockist/retailer, stylist, consultant and brand showroom. Each of our brand partners showcase a distinct design POV with a strong emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship. We believe fashion is more than clothes; it's a personal megaphone to the world. A reflection of identity.
An extension of emotion. 

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